Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AnGes, Inc. (hereafter ‘the Company’) collects data relating to privacy from the persons visiting the Company’s website over the Internet. The Company recognizes the importance of the personal data of all the users of its site and makes every effort to protect the personal data of individuals as described below.

1. Collection of Personal Data

In principle, there is no necessity for individual users accessing or viewing this website to provide data that could identify specific individuals and personal data such as names, addresses, and e-mail addresses (hereafter ‘personal data’) that make it possible to identify individuals viewing this website (hereafter ‘users’). Such data is only collected in cases in which such personal data has been voluntarily submitted by users to the website in using ‘Inquiry’ forms. The Company will only use such personal data to reply to such enquiries in a manner appropriate to the nature of the enquiry.

2. Use of Personal Data

The Company shall use the personal data supplied by users solely for purposes limited to such as have been explicitly specified to users in advance except in circumstances in which explicit consent in accordance with the stipulations and criteria of the Personal Information Protection Law applicable to the protection of personal data.

3. Sharing and Transfer of Personal Data

The Company shall not provide or disclose personal data supplied by users to third parties except in the following circumstances.

When the user has given consent in advance
When it is necessary to provide personal data to companies within the Company’s group and other outsourcing contractors (hereafter ‘outsourcing contractors’) for the purpose of carrying out outsourced operations
When it is determined by the Company that it is appropriate, in the light of the user’s enquiry, for outsourcing contractors to deal with the enquiry
When the personal data is provided to business successors in relation to business continuation as a result of merger, company split, transfer of operations or other reason
When the disclosure of personal data is required to comply with legal and regulatory stipulations
When there is an urgent necessity to disclose the personal data immediately to protect human life or human rights
When cooperating with demands based on legal and statutory requirements made by judicial organs, police and other public bodies
4. Management and Protection of Personal Data

In handling personal data, the Company shall, within the scope of the objectives for its use, limit the number of persons handling the data and manage it carefully so that it is not used for improper purposes. When supplying personal data to outsourcing contractors and third parties it shall be handled appropriately and the Company shall obey the stipulations of applicable laws relating to the protection of personal data. Moreover, the Company shall implement appropriate and reasonable safety measures, both from a technological and from an organizational perspective to counter the risks of unauthorized access, or the loss, destruction, falsification or leaking of personal data.

5. Enquiries about, and Correction and Deletion of Personal Data

The Company shall, on receipt of a request from a user to desist from disclosing, correcting, or making use of the user’s personal data held by the Company, and having confirmed the identity of the user, without delay and within reasonable limits, respond to the request. Persons desiring the disclosure, etc. of personal data are kindly requested to fill out the necessary entries in the forms specified by the Company, affix the documents necessary for the verification of the identity of the person in question, and send them to the address given below. Once it has been confirmed that the request came from the user, the Company shall process the request. Please note that the user will be responsible for the cost of postage and other related expenses.

Requests for disclosure → ‘Disclosure Application Form’
Requests for correction, addition, & deletion → ‘Correction Application Form’
Requests for suspension, elimination, and halting third-party disclosure → ‘Suspension of Use Application Form’
[Mailing address]:
Personal Data Enquiries, Management Department, AnGes, Inc.,
9F, PMO TAMACHI Ⅱ, 4-13-3, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014

* Please affix one of the following (1, 2, or 3) as supporting documentation for the verification of identity

Copy of passport - one
Copy of driving licence - one
Copies of any two of: health insurance certificate, pension book, tax payment certificate – one each
6. Use of SSL

To protect against fraudulent interception of personal information provided by the user on ‘Inquiry’ forms, the Company employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to encode the information in transmission.

7. Use of Cookies

Cookies is the name given to technology that stores users’ computer usage history and other data to make the process of accessing websites easier and more convenient. This site uses cookies to analyse the records of user access to the site in a way that is unable to identify the user so as to improve the ease of use of the site for the user or identify the causes of trouble on the site.
It is possible, however, to disable cookies or to enable warnings to appear on the PC screen before cookies are activated by changing the settings on web browsers.

8. Changes to, and Notification of, Privacy Policy

This policy is necessarily subject to revision and change as appropriate to comply with the stipulations and standards of legislation and regulations applicable to personal data and to ensure that the requirements of the demands and considerations mentioned in the articles above are dealt with appropriately.

9. Inquiries

Please contact using the appropriate ‘Inquiry’ form if you have any questions or requests.

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