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Aiming to become a global leader in the field of gene medicine

Amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic, people working in various fields have contributed to the prevention and treatment of this infection. Through this work, we hope the pandemic will be brought to an end as soon as possible.

In September 2019, the world's first gene therapy product using plasmid DNA, Collategene®, was approved and included in the NHI price list. With this listing, we achieved one of the major goals we have had since the company was established in 1999.

In the spring of this year, in collaboration with Osaka University and in response to the novel corona virus pandemic, we started the development of a DNA vaccine targeting the spiked protein of the virus using plasmid DNA, the first such initiative in Japan. We are confident that the plasmid DNA technology used for the development of Collategene® will be utilized in the development of the DNA vaccine. This vaccine is characterized by the fact that the antibody can be produced in the body based on genetic information without the use of pathogens, and it is possible to respond flexibly to viral mutations should they occur. Another benefit is that the vaccine can be produced quickly. The clinical study of the vaccine began four months after the start of the project. We would once again hope to prove the appeal of DNA vaccines.

The DNA vaccine against angiotensin II using this plasmid DNA technology is a therapeutic agent to treat hypertension. A clinical trial is currently ongoing in Australia, and the results will become available in the fourth quarter of 2020. In this way, we would like the technology using plasmid DNA to be applied widely in order to strengthen the base of gene therapy drugs.

Moreover, we made an additional investment in Emendo, which has advanced genome editing technologies. Genome editing, regarded as the ultimate gene therapy, is our next global challenge. In addition, we are considering cooperative partnerships in the treatment of genetic diseases with viral vectors, which occupy an important position in gene therapy. Through this approach, we aspire to become one of the world’s top companies for all gene therapy techniques, namely, plasmid DNA, viral vector, and genome editing technologies.

Moreover, a clinical trial of NF-kB decoy oligonucleotide (ODN) in the treatment of low back pain originating from intervertebral discs is ongoing in the United States. NF-kB decoy ODN is a nucleic acid medicine which we have been investigating along with gene therapy drugs. The results of the trial will become available in the fourth quarter of this year.

In addition, we have been engaging in a wide range of capital partnerships and joint developments with overseas countries, and we will continue to carry out world-class activities with a view to expanding our business internationally.

Based on the experience of having launched our own products into the market for the first time as a Japanese bio-venture, we are committed to achieving even better results by adopting a bold but prudent attitude. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to building AnGes' values, and we have finally achieved outstanding results. With this as our foundation, we have started to define our vision for the future. We believe our values are based on "the attitude of continuing to challenge ourselves to do new things and to win," and “the valuable knowledge and experience gained from doing this.” We refer to these values as "AI (AnGes Intelligence)," and henceforward, we will continue to double our efforts as an intelligent company utilizing AI with the earnest intention of becoming a global leader in genetic medicine.

Finally, the mission of AnGes is to work on the development of advanced genetic medicine and to deliver appropriate drugs to patients around the world as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support and encouragement.

September 2020

Ei Yamada
President and Chief Executive Officer



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