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Aiming to be a global leader in genetic medicine

AnGes was founded In December 1999, with the aim of developing hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) gene therapy drugs which can help regenerate blood vessels. Originating from the word angiogenesis meaning the formation of new blood vessels in English, our corporate name AnGes encapsulates our desire to be an angel (ange in French) offering new drugs for patients with hard-to-treat and rare diseases. Both our founder and our employees are still motivated by this desire.

At the time of our foundation, therapeutic angiogenesis was still a new therapeutic approach. For 20 years we experienced challenges and setbacks and then in September 2019, we obtained approval for the world's first gene therapy product that can help regenerate blood vessels and, with its inclusion in the NHI price list, began marketing it as the world's first gene therapy product using plasmid DNA technology.

The success probability in new drug development is said to be 1/25,000. The experience of launching our own products for the first time as a Japanese bio-venture filled us with enormous confidence and even greater courage. At the same time, we feel an enormous sense of responsibility to deliver our products to patients suffering overseas. There are far more patients suffering with ischemic heart disease overseas than in Japan. We would like to make our products available to such patients all around the world.

Another challenge we face is achieving the long-standing goal of therapeutic drugs for hard-to-treat and rare diseases. Around the world, the drug discovery domain like other domains is seeing the introduction of AI technology and DX (digital transformation) in health care, and there are more possibilities of development ideas than before, with less time required for development. Even so the actual number of hard-to-treat diseases and rare diseases around the world is said to run into thousands.

We will continue striving to be a global leader in genetic medicine, and by using our genetic medicine technologies we intend to live up to the expectations of patients hoping for new drugs and their families, other stakeholders and wider society.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support and encouragement. We respectfully ask for your continued support moving forward.

January 2022

Ei Yamada, President & CEO



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