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Therapeutic Vaccine

Therapeutic Vaccine Projects

Due to the emergence of antibody drugs, the presence of biopharmaceutical products is growing in the global pharmaceutical market for the fields of intractable diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Major biopharmaceutical companies have been shifting their focus on development of biopharmaceuticals as major candidates for their next blockbuster products, after struggling with conventional low-compound drugs.
As the next-generation biopharmaceutical after antibody drugs, vaccine therapy has been gaining remarkable attention. AnGes focuses especially on the development of a new type of “therapeutic vaccine” by utilizing its strengths in the fields of gene medicines.

CIN Therapeutic Vaccine

Today, vaccines for cervical cancer which prevent the infection of the human papilloma virus (HPV) are available in many countries. However, it does not stop the progression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) into cervical cancer for those who have already been infected with HPV. AnGes is undertaking the development of an oral administration of the CIN therapeutic vaccine, which is expected to cause disappearance of high-grade dysplasia, thus prevent the progression of CIN into cervical cancer.

The effectiveness of the CIN therapeutic vaccine is performed with its innovative mechanism that can remove the cancer cells by utilizing the gut immunity to activate specific cell immunity for HPV antigen which attacks the HPV-infected cells in the cervix, selectively and effectively.

AnGes has obtained the exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, use and market the CIN therapeutic vaccine within and outside Japan from BioLeaders Corporation (Republic of Korea). For this developed product,we have entered into a contract to exclusively license to Morishita Jintan Co.,Ltd. the rights held by the Company.

DNA Therapeutic Vaccine

AnGes is undertaking the research and development of DNA vaccine projects as the new type of genetic medicine that utilizes its drug discovery know-how and development technology cultivated through the research and development of the gene therapy with HGF Plasmid. There are two types of DNA vaccines; a preventive DNA vaccine effective for the prevention of infectious diseases; and DNA vaccine effective for not only intractable diseases such as cancers but also lifestyle-related diseases. Both types demonstrate the efficacy by neutralizing the action of targeted molecules by inducing antibody-mediated immunity for antigen expressed by DNA plasmid.
As one of the DNA therapeutic vaccines, AnGes is advancing the research and development of a hypertension DNA vaccine. The study group led by Professor Morishita at Osaka Universtiy succeeded in establishing the basic technology for the hypertension DNA vaccine which targets angiotensin II. The hypertension DNA vaccine is expected to perform longer depressor effect duration compared to the existing drugs.


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