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>NFκB Decoy Oligonucleotide

NFκB Decoy Oligonucleotide

There are two major types of genetic medicines. The first involves the utilization of the genes themselves as is the case with HGF non-viral genetic therapy; the other involves the utilization of relatively short artificial nucleic-acid to regulate gene expression. The latter is known as "nucleic-acid medicines" and includes decoy oligodeoxynucleotide (Oligo), antisense, siRNA, and aptamer.

NFκB decoy oligonucleotide is a type of "nucleic-acid medicine.” A gene is switched on when a protein called transcription factor lands on the promoter region which is a part of the genome that regulates gene expression and has a specific sequence. Decoy oligonucleotide is a synthesized short DNA compound which has the same sequence as that found on the portion of the promoter region where the transcription factor lands. Since decoy literally means a “lure,” Decoy oligonucelotide acts as the promoter’s “lure” and binds with the specific transcription factor in the cell, thus, the transcription factor cannot land on the genome, and the gene expression is suppressed.

AnGes has designed “NF-κB decoy oligonucleotide” as a specific inhibitor for NF-κB that acts as a switch to a gene cluster involved in the immune inflammatory response in the body. AnGes has been conducting research and development of NF-κB decoy oligonucleotide as a new pharmaceutical product for immune and inflammatory diseases.

Disc Degeneration
Lower back pain resulting from disc degeneration is a chronic lower back pain disease that is caused by disc degeneration and other related factors, and is a common disease especially in the middle-age and elderly. In disc degeneration, pain associated molecules such as NGF and COX2 are induced along with inflammatory cytokine such as IL-1 and TNF-á and degrading enzyme of extracellular matrix. It was confirmed that NF-κB decoy oligonucleotide inhibits production of those disease factors in the study using intervertebral disc cells. The efficacy was also indicated in the disc degeneration animal model tests. These results show that NF-κB decoy oligonucleotide can be a new therapeutic drug which has analgesic effect toward chronic lower back pain as well as possibility to be effective as a treatment for disc degeneration.

Mechanism of Action of NFκB Decoy

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