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AnGes, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to provide patients suffering from diseases for which no effective therapy has been available to date, with innovative drugs. AnGes focuses on development of gene medicines, a next-generation biopharmaceutical.

AnGes, Inc. was founded in December 1999 based on an innovative discovery by researchers at Osaka University. AnGes already went through the first stage of research and development and is now in the second stage of commercialization. For our lead product, HGF Plasmid (gene therapy) for the treatment of critical limb ischemia, a serious impairment of blood circulation in the leg, the company has acqured in March 2019 an application for marketing approval in Japan.

Development of “NF-κB decoy oligonucleotide,” a nucleic acid medicine that suppresses inflammation for diseases including , low back pain, and“DNA vaccines”for high blood pressure is also under way.

Having started from research and development and now embarking on the new stage of commercialization, AnGes strives to fulfill the expectations of patients, their families, shareholders, investors and the general public waiting for new drugs to be available and aims at becoming a “global leader in the field of gene medicine.”


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