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Our Strategy

1. Objectives

As a biotech venture company, we focus on research and development of the next-generation biopharmaceuticals such as genetic medicines, and aim to achieve practical use of innovative drugs.

“Genetic medicine” is a new type of biopharmaceutical that utilizes the gene functions. Genetic medicines include gene therapy that is expected to provide innovative effects that can not be obtained with existing treatments, and “nucleic-acid medicines” that perform with high specificity on treatment targets such as decoyoligonucleotides and RNAi.

We are also undertaking the development of therapeutic vaccines, the next-generation biotechnology utilizing DNA plasmid.

It is our mission to make a contribution to the improvement of people’s Quality of Life (QOL) and medical standards through the development of innovative drugs. This is accomplished by utilizing the advanced technology of genetic medicines and therapeutic vaccines for diseases that are intractable or rare, and has no treatments available. We are dedicated to providing innovative and internationally applicable drugs for patients as promptly as possible.

2. Business Areas

First, our main target is chronic conditions, for which no satisfactory treatment can be obtained with conventional medicines or approaches. Lifestyle-related diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, have spread around the world as the result of changes in eating habits in addition to other factors. Coping with lifestyle-related diseases is one of the most significant challenges the human race is facing. Developing effective drugs against these diseases is one of the requirements that the pharmaceutical industry must fulfill for the benefit of society, while from a business perspective, a considerable market opportunity awaits such product developers. For example, there are no effective drug treatments available for Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI, the most severe form of peripheral arterial disease. Currently, the only options available to CLI patients are vascular bypass procedures or amputation of lower limbs. There is a high unmet medical need for development of radical treatments for intractable cancers and orphan diseases that occur in small patient populations. We target these diseases that have higher unmet medical needs for which satisfactory treatment is not yet available but for which there is a great necessity.

Second, our great competitiveness lies in our research and development capability. Genetic medicines refer to the type of drugs that utilize genes to provide treatment effects, and include gene treatment drugs and nucleic acid medicines (decoy oligonucleotide, antisense DNA, and siRNAi). We focus on the development of these genetic medicines, the next-generation biopharmaceuticals, especially gene therapy with HGF plasmid found by professor Ryuichi Morishita, the founder of AnGes. It has an innovative function of revascularization and filed an application for marketing approval as the treatment for Critical Limb Ischemia in which the vascular flow in limbs is severely compromised. “HGF Plasmid” has also been developed as a treatment for lymphedema after its function to regenerate lymphatic vessels was found. For the nucleic-acid drug NF-kB decoy oligonucleotide, there are several ongoing development projects; topical drug as a treatment for atopic dermatitis, treatment drug for disc degeneration, and medical device for prevention of vascular restenosis. AnGes has a development pipeline that is focused on genetic medicines.

Third, vaccine fields are where major pharmaceutical companies have strived to pursue development in recent years, as the next biopharmaceutical after antibody drugs. Vaccines have been conventionally used for the prevention of infectious diseases. AnGes is developing “therapeutic vaccines,” the new type of drug. 1) DNA vaccine for high blood pressure was found through collaborative research with Osaka University and is currently in the exploratory research stage. 2) By utilizing a technology which is different from the DNA vaccine, AnGes is developing a CIN therapeutic oral vaccine in which surface protein of pathogen is expressed on lactic acid bacterium by genetic modification technology. The CIN therapeutic vaccine is expected to become an innovative vaccine that can prevent the progression of cervical cancer with its function to make cervical high-grade dysplasia disappear.


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