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Mission and Values

Corporate Mission

Contribute to the improvement of human health and quality of life through the development of innovative medicines, by harnessing the potential of genes, acquired over the long course of the humankind.


Achieve the Corporate Mission by acting along the principles incorporated in the company name “A-N-G-E-S”:


Recognize and value the importance of the networks consisting of patients, medical professionals, shareholders, alliance partners, employees and local communities.


AnGes believes that every network is a key to creating new value. Patients, shareholders, alliance partners, employees and local communities are vital partners forming the foundation of its networks.


Continue to incorporate latest research results and ideas, and strive to create new technologies, products and value.


Work with the highest ethical standards.


Realize innovative gene medicines to ensure prompt delivery to patients in need.

2025 Vision

Global Leader in Gene Medicines

Become a globally recognized specialist in Gene Therapies and Nucleic Acid Medicines.

Creating New Markets

Develop and deliver new medicines for unmet medical needs


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